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Помощь в выборе отеля в Сочи.


The website has been created for the hotel presentation
(prices, hotel rooms, photos, location map for reaching the hotel)
and comfortable, quick reservation of rooms.

If you have any problems or difficulties, please contact us.

Contact telephone number: +7(862)240-31-70.




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Room reservation includes several stages:

  1. You need to fill in a room reservation application. Please try not to make mistakes when filling in the application, as the invoice amount will depend precisely on the data that you enter. For entering the application form you can follow this LINK.
  2. In the nearest time the hotel administration considers your application and issues the invoice for payment, which will be sent to you by an e-mail message to your e-mail box.
  3. If your application is accepted, you can go to the menu item “Your applications”, where you can view the status of your application and make payment in different ways.
  4. Payment is made by 2 ways:
    1. Issuing the payment order for the amount which was agreed with you and with the hotel administration. You print the generated payment order and submit it to the Bank for payment, after that you inform us that you have paid this invoice. As soon as the monetary funds are credited to our account your room will be 100 % reserved as per the agreed terms and conditions. The notification of reservation will be delivered to your e-mail box. Besides, you can track the status of your application by going to the menu item “Your applications”. If you have paid the amount as per your application, but your application because of some circumstances is rejected, you need to contact us to settle this issue.
    2. In order to make payment by means of the credit card MASTERCARD, VISA or WebMoney, the website will offer you to use the electronic money system Assist ( This system has 100 % protection, and all your personal data at the time of payment will only pass through the server of this system and of the bank, i.e. information that could be used for illegal withdrawal of money from your accounts will be processed and stored by this system and by the bank of this system. The bank and this payment system possess all the necessary licenses and certificates.
  5. After issuing the invoice you need to pay it within 3 days. If the invoice is not paid within 3 days, then the invoice and application will be cancelled.
  6. After paying the invoice you have to notify the hotel administration. You can do this by sending an e-mail message or calling our hotel, or following this LINK and sending a message with payment information.